May 5, 2023

Harrowden Turf and Earth’s Green Guardians to Work Together in 2023

Harrowden Turf will be working with Earth’s Green Guardians in 2023 as they work to create a wildflower meadow at Penwith College, Penzance. The project is being undertaken by Foundation Studies Students who will create a wildflower meadow demonstration area in a Victorian walled garden on campus. This garden is fast becoming a place for staff and students to connect with nature to address and improve wellbeing as well as being a place for more general earth education.

Earth's Green Guardians (EGG) is an optimistic Youth Earth Education Programme that strives to improve Environmental Literacy. Born and incubated in Cornwall, EGG empowers youth to make a difference as they learn how they can connect with nature, protect the planet, restore habitat, and prepare for the green economy of the future. The specific project is to build a wildflower meadow at Penwith College in Penzance. The garden will be created by Foundation Studies Students as part of a demonstration area in the Victorian walled garden on campus. This garden is already a place where staff and students can connect with nature to support their own wellbeing and as a place for wider earth education.

For more information: Harrowden Turf and Turfonline Media Office please email or call 07980 568842.

EGG restoration project

Demeter's Earth Ed Garden Pond Restoration on the campus of Penwith College, Penzance.

LEFT: Demeter (Goddess of Earth's Bounty) Statue in Garden.

RIGHT: Garden Pond at Beginning 24/08/21.

LEFT: Garden Pond with Penwith College & EGG Staff 10/09/2021.

CENTRE: Demeter's Garden Pond with EGG Students 22/09/2021.

BELOW: Demeter's Garden Pond with Manor House 29/09/2021.

Earth's Green Guardians
Earth's Green Guardians