Earth's Green Guardians (EGG)

About us

Earth's Green Guardians (EGG) is an optimistic Youth Earth Education Programme that strives to improve Environmental Literacy. Born and incubated in Cornwall, UK, EGG will empower youth to make a difference as they learn how they can mindfully connect with nature, protect the Planet, restore habitat, and prepare for the green economy of the future.
Charity Number- 1194985

Our Objective

To advance the education of the public in the conservation of natural resources and the protection and improvement of the natural environment by promoting long term sustainability and biodiversity.

Earth's Green Guardians

What is Earth's Green Guardians?

We believe that Environmental Literacy should be an integral part of every child’s education. Teaching children from a young age to become more mindful about biodiversity, ecosystems, climate change, renewable energy and the life cycles of our planet, will arm this future generation with the skills and knowledge required to respect and protect our planet and live with the land in a reciprocal way. The outcome should be that the younger generation will respect, protect and restore our planet for the future generations!

Our goal is to begin our pilots as an afterschool club type programme and evolve into an afternoon sessions format once our track record has been proven. Our pilot programme will be in three phases beginning with Penwith College, then Humphry Davy Secondary School and finally Newlyn Primary. Eventually EGG will expand to other schools as instructors are certified and trained.

Students Will:

  • Understand the emotional and physical benefits of spending quality time in nature.
  • Understand how to be kind to the Earth and why it’s important.
  • Participate in Community Science programmes.
  • Understand the properties of water, air, soil, plants and sunlight.
  • Perform air, water and soil quality test, compile data and share results in creative ways.
  • Understand the importance of biodiversity and assist local experts in restoring local habitat.
  • Participate in creative hands-on activities to that assist with the comprehension of key ecological concepts such as Adaptations, Cycles, Diversity, Community, Interrelationships, Change and Energy flow.
  • Understand key Eco-vocabulary such as Sustainability, Conservation, Restoration, Environmental Growth, Climate Change, Biodiversity and Circular Economy.
  • Gain Basic background knowledge in climate change and how conservation and renewable sources of energy can help mediate impact.
  • Develop skill sets for the green jobs of the future with hand-on activities related to solar, wind, geothermal and tidal power.
  • Understand the benefits of the Circular Economy for sustainability.
  • Creatively Share their newly gained with others through art, music, public speaking and writing.
  • Engage in the rewilding of land and ocean habitats

Our goal is to inform, inspire, empower and encourage constructive action, not to frighten or cast blame.

Earth's Green Guardians